Lyle Boatman, Better Design
R: Lyle Boatman is a leading creative design consultant with owner's representative and architectural project management expertise on top of
an award winning interior design background. Lyle Boatman, Better Design, brings simplicity, parsimony, and elegance into modern living.

Located in Southern California, Lyle Boatman has been an architectural design consultant on select residential projects from coastal San Diego, CA
through the Midwest, to the coast of Maine. Recent design management work includes a K-12 private school campus in Cairo, Egypt,
a multi-use mid-rise urban-infill project in New Cairo, offices and sales centers in Istanbul and Cairo,
luxury resort condominiums on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, hospitality design including a private yacht club,
and four- and five-star hotels in planned developments in the Middle East.

Current work "on the boards" includes redesign of a popular local interior designer's kitchen, architectural design for a small addition
to a PGA West home, and an August trip to Seattle to work with clients for whom Lyle Boatman, Better Design created a complete renovation
of their winter residence in Canyon Estates, in Palm Springs, CA.
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