Leading creative design consultant with architectural project management and award-winning interior design expertise; incorporating simplicity, parsimony and elegance into modern living.

Located in Southern California, Boatman has been an architectural design consultant on select residential remodeling projects in San Diego, CA, and Grand Rapids, MI. Recent design project management work includes a private school (K-12) campus in Cairo, a multi-use, mid-rise urban-infill project in Cairo, offices and sales centers in Istanbul and Cairo, luxury resort condominiums on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, hospitality design including a private yacht-club, and four and five-star hotels in planned developments in the Middle East.

Lyle has studied interior-design and architecture in the Paracollege at St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN and at the University of Minnesota. Graduating at the top of the class of 2012, from NewSchool of Architecture + Design, San Diego, CA, Lyle's thesis explores the professional work environment and encourages broad collaboration among disciplines, and further education in economics for architecture students and professionals.

"Lyle is a very good listener; I appreciated his willingness, and good solutions."
Gerald DePersia, Architect, Grand Rapids, MI

"Lyle really excels at 'outside the box' thinking. His understanding of construction and how things are put together is on par with carpenters and contractors."
Mark Letizia, EcoArtisan Builders, San Diego, CA

"Gifted and innovative, Lyle's designs and materials have withstood the test of time."
Paul and Nancy Keck, Olive Shores, MI

"Lyle is reliable, brilliant and a great person with whom to work."
Linda Cory Allen, San Diego, CA

"I truly believe that Lyle is absolutely one of the best designers there is- inspired, creative, skilled, knowledgeable, intuitive and a lot of fun.

If Lyle works with you on your project, you are damn lucky."
Susan Smith, East Grand Rapids, MI